Saturn Return Flower & Gem Tincture

Made bySister Spinster

This potion by Sister Spinster Apothecary provides support through one’s Saturn Return.


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The essence of watery Willow teaches rooted balance within constant ebb and flow. Self-Heal activates our commitment to self-care so we are better able to assimilate truth. Chia essence provides upward momentum towards a new level of understanding.


Desert Lavender brings in calming energy to our spirits, promoting peace and self- compassion through the most extreme. Essence of Black Tourmaline roots us to the Earth while encouraging the release of toxicity from the physical, spiritual and mental bodies. Yarrow essence creates an energetic boundary, a safe container for us to do this work.

Recommended Use

5 drops 3 x a day or 5 drops on your pillow at night for visionary dreams


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