Biodynamic Adaptogenic Mushroom Elixir

Made byAnima Mundi

This longevity tonic from Anima Mundi is handcrafted with incredibly powerful mushrooms to rejuvenate all organ systems, act as an antibiotic, increase white blood cell production, and purify the blood.

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Made with potent medicinal mushrooms from around the world, these fruiting bodies contain the power to revolutionize the immune system and rewire it. This formula rejuvenates all organ systems, creates a deep therapeutic anti-biotic effect, and increases white blood cell production.


Reishi*, Chaga ^, Shiitake*, Maiitake*, Lions Mane*, Agaricus*,  Cordyceps* , Schizandra*, extracted in organic cane spirits, and filtered water using a 10:1 ratio.

Recommended Use:

Drink 2-3 times a day, 40-60 drops at a time.