Emalee Wildflower Apothecary: Reishi Mushroom Tincture

Made byThe Alchemist's Kitchen

Reishi is forever known as the queen of medicinal mushrooms.Though a very spiritual tonic the mushroom is well known for its heart and liver benefits specifically.

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 The Chinese said that those who obtained the fungi, were to go through total rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit. Reishi supplements all 3 treasures (Jing, Chi and Shen) but has the most tonic action on Shen (spiritual radiance).

Benefits Include:

Heart Health



Helps to detoxify and regenerate liver

Calming and balancing effects on mood

Inhibits histamine release to help with allergies


Reishi Mushroom, Raw Honey, Filtered Water, Alcohol

1.69 oz.


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