House of Intuition Ritual Candles

Made byThe Alchemist's Kitchen

These Ritual Candles are especially crafted with love and intention. The candles are lightly scented and dressed with crystals inside. Made with all-natural, sustainably harvested palm wax. 


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Clarity: This candle can dispel confusion and disorder surrounding a particular situation. If the truth is elusive, the Clarity candle can bring new information to light, as well as help you achieve a stronger sense of direction. When times get confusing, the Clarity candle can summon the answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems.

Healing: Heal traumas from the past, whether mental, emotional or physical. If you are recuperating from illness, rallying after a breakup, or mourning a loss, the Healing candle can expedite your recovery process and return you to wholeness. Light for yourself or a loved one to help heal wounds of all kinds and provide the energy necessary to regain whatever power has been lost.

Purify: Purify & cleanse the mind, body & soul, brings in white light, peace and clear negativity. Great for cleansing new spaces or rooms tarnished by stressful energy. The Purify candle is also great for health and wellness, and can help you establish a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.


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