Infinity Altar Cloth and Palo Santo Bundle

Made byCrystalGrids

This beautiful, natural cotton cloth was printed with repurposed dyes. Use as the canvas of a crystal grid, or as a foundation to build your sacred space.

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 Devoting space to our intentions, spirituality, and reflections helps us to create space within ourselves for that change. The process is non-ending, and the results are limitless; much like the awesome, breath-taking truth represented by this timeless symbol.



Each cloth comes with a bundle of burnable Palo Santo sticks, sourced by Anima Mundi Apothecary, ethically wild crafted in Ecuador. Palo Santo clears airborne bacteria and microbes, and has a deeply calming scent. It is known as a "sacred" smudge; notorious for clearing bad energy from spaces and promoting healing on multiple levels.

Cloths 14" x 14". Available in steel or gold, depending on which energies you wish to cultivate.


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