Kaleidoscope Prism Glasses by H0les

Made byThe Alchemist's Kitchen

Whether you are dancing all night at a festival, watching the sunrise, or spending an evening in nature with close friends, these glasses are seriously fun and interesting- a great way to spice up a moment or take your experience to the next level of perception.

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H0LES is an inventive artist and industrial designer who focuses on experiments in light and perception. She designed this limited eyewear collection to help us simulate an enhanced state of awareness to color and light. It takes the old-fashioned kaleidoscope to a new level of experience. The multi-colored lab quality prism glass is meticulously cut, offering the wearer an incredible change of perception. Use them for outdoor recreation, playful engagements with nature, and creative visual inspiration. 


Glasses are available with pink frames or clear frames and goggles are available in black or chrome. This item is a great addition to any psychedelic collection. They are for novelty only and definitely not intended for use while driving, please use common sense when experiencing the Kaleidoscope Prism Goggles.



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