Mystical Shrine Candles

Made byCoreterno

Use these candles to set intention, on your altar, or just as a sculptural element for the home.


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Michelangelo Brancato &  Francilla Ronchi  dreamed up making these visionary candles while touring the streets of Lower East Side Manhattan a few years ago, while visiting from Rome. Their inspiration was to create candles that evoke the visionary and mystical. Handprinted illustrations reveal the amazing detail of their artistry. The candles are unscented in an ivory color, The wax used in the production process is a blend of paraffin and vegetable oil, which allows for a longer burning time. We love them as sculptural elements for home. 



The name "Coreterno" also calls to mind the city of unequalled beauty, and is the result of merging together two words. “Core” means heart in Roman dialect and fulcrum or nucleus in English. “Eterno” is homage to the proprietors’ Roman character. 

Size:  8" Tall -- 7.5 Diameter  - Burning Time:  60 hours

Mystical Eye

"The Eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend."


"It is choice, not chance that determines your destiny"


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